Now metaphysical crowbar is ahead every human. If someone will sin, then his/her crowbar becomes real and result of gravitation is one more corpse. Crowbars are
connected, and if some1 becomes sinner, crowbars fall in a radius of two kilometers. Only main hero know about this phenomenum, so hero decided to go to the
Antarctic with his boyfriend because main hero can't live without him. Boyfriend cannot be notified, because in that case it’s possible to get to a mental hospital.

Well, they are living in Antarctica but one day boyfriend is lost. He can't eat only snow so he decided to eat a penguin. Main hero know that it is sin and in that case he and his mate will die. It sounds impossible, but main hero decided to make instant noodles named "Doshirak" and save his ass.

Made withUnity
Tags2D, Ludum Dare 46, Runner
Average sessionA few minutes

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